Gallatin School District, KY

Martha Sebring

“Everything is going great with the steamers. We are highly satisfied.”


Holy Redeemer Catholic Church- Marshall, MN

Ruth Seifer

“All is going well with the steamer.We haven’t had any issues or problems with it. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”


Dauphin Island Sea Lab- Dauphin, AL

Darren Harbison

“Your Sterling steamer has been a great addition to our kitchen. The ability to heat 6 2″ pans at one time has made our lives easier.”


Bromley Companies-Lawrence, KS

William Zimmerman

“The steamer is performing flawlessly. you can use me as a reference.”


73 & Main Restaurant – Mt. Pleasant, NC

Allen Dobsen

“Doing great. Thanks. And of course we will recommend.”

Cabot School District – Cabot, AR

Erin Wilkes

“Everything is going great with the steamer. No issues at all. You can certainly use us as a reference. “


Averill Park -Albany, NY

Mike Ernest

“Steamer is working good have new person using this year and they are happy with the unit.”


Skyline Chili-Cincinnati OH

Mike Lambrinides

“We are very pleased with the steamer. We rarely have to use our second steamer because it is so efficient.”


Bee Hive Homes-Duluth, MN

Deb Davis RD,LD

“The steamer is working fine and we have had no issues to date. Feel free to use me as a reference.”


Kings House-Belleville, IL

Richard Dahm

“We are very pleased with the steamer, works great and easy to operate.”


Colorado Rocky Mountain School-Carbondale, CO

Fiona O’Donnell Pax

“The steamer is working perfectly. Please feel free to use me as a reference.”


Elks 905-Waterville, MN

Fiona O’Donnell Pax

The steamer is everything we could have hoped for. Took a short time to train and our Chef says “it’s awesome”. Will consider another one in the future, once we get the hoped for increase in business.”


Ponderosa – Warren, OH

Ed Zaremba

“Our steamers are amazing!”


Mariner Village Square Healthcare Center –

San Marcos, CA

Rilen Robinson

“The new steamer is working fantastic!”


El Cid – Paramus, NJ

Vincent Pita

“We love them, they are working beautifully”


St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis, MI 

Charles Clevenger

“The Sterling Steamer is very good for us!”


Saint Agnes Academy Houston, TX

Scott Snodgrass

“I freaking love the Sterling Steamer!”


Bogopa USA/ Food Bazaar 

Michael Kim

“We love it so much we have bought about 20 Sterling Steamers for our Stores!”


Scott County District 2, IN 

Sue Hart

“We haven’t had a single issue with out Sterling Steamers! We have purchased several!”


Rusty Jimmys Crabs and Seafood
Fenwick Island, DE 

Chris Diforte

“The Sterling Steamer is great and way faster than our past boiler less steamers we have purchased!”


Lee’s Famous Recipe, IN

Keith Moody  

“Our steamers are amazing!”


BSD Care, NY

Chiqui Rodriguez 

“We always quote a Sterling when we get steamer requests!”


Bittersweet Farm Restaurant and Tavern, MA  

Sean Lafrance

“I would like to buy another steamer please!”


Allerton House at Harbor Park, MA

Carrie McLaughlin 

“I love the steamer!” 


Sides to Go, OH

Benjamin Holbert  

“Everything is great with the Sterling, no problems at all! I wish I could say that for the other equipment that we have!”