Lee’s Famous Recipe, IN 

Keith Moody  (765) 425-0158

“Our steamers are amazing!”


Lancaster Central School District, NY   

Tami Augugliaro  (716) 686-3245 

“Steamer works great, we would like to purchase 4 more!”


BSD Care, NY   

Chiqui Rodriguez  (718) 705-5005 

“We always quote a Sterling when we get steamer requests!”


Bittersweet Farm Restaurant and Tavern, MA   

Sean Lafrance  (508) 636-0085 

“I would like to buy another steamer please!”


Allerton House at Harbor Park, MA 

Carrie McLaughlin  (781) 749-3322

“I love the steamer!” 


Sides to Go, OH   

Benjamin Holbert  (216) 406-0682 

“Everything is great with the Sterling, no problems at all! I wish I could say that for the other equipment that we have!”