ENERGY STAR ® vs. Boiler-Based

Operating Expenses

The following graph shows the average operating expenses for five different tests designed and conducted by the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) based in San Ramon, CA. These tests show the difference in operational expenses for Boiler-Based Steamer Technology and ENERGY STAR ® Rated Boilerless Steamer Technology. The tests were performed at several different locations in various types of kitchens and were designed to be an accurate side by side or replacement comparison. This test data is availble to the public at

Although variances in steamer production and kitchen operations may have affected the usage at each testing location, there was clearly significant operational cost savings when utilizing ENERGY STAR ® Rated Boilerless Steamer Technology. In fact, you could save over $3,000 annually.

The facts are, Sterling gives you the best performance of any ENERGY STAR ® Rated Steamer, which translates into the highest annual savings possible without having to sacrifice speed or production capacity.