About Us

Sterling Manufacturing, founded by Lon Lehman and Chip Tippmann, brings decades of expertise in the commercial steamer industry. Both started at Accutemp Products in 1992, with Lon leading manufacturing and engineering, and Chip excelling in outside sales. In 2003, they co-founded Intek Manufacturing, earning the Appliance Design of the Year Award for their Xtreme Steam Connectionless Steamer. Sterling Manufacturing, established in 2014, addresses customer needs with innovative steamer designs that offer rapid recovery times and cost-effective maintenance. Their products reflect 35 years of industry experience in design, manufacturing, and marketing of steam cooking equipment.

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One person giving award to another person with blue flame logos and signs behind

1. Gene Tippmann the inventor of the original Steam n Hold Steamer.

Geno with steamer

2. We finally have some excess inventory.

Inventory at factory kept open during daytime

3. Amada laser/punch and brake. Yes, the Sterling Steamer is made in Indiana, U.S.A.

Machines at factory during nighttime