Sterling Fun Facts

Over 90% of the Manual Fill units in the field have never required a service call.

Extended warranties are only $300.00 a year. We can charge less because it costs us less.

The Sterling Steamer is the fastest Energy Star steamer. The Sterling Steamer cooked 6 pans of new potatoes in just under 21 minutes. Faster than the other steamers took to cook 3 and 5 pans of potatoes.

The Sterling Steamer is the most efficient Energy Star steamer ever tested by the FSTC. At 79.2% efficiency, ours is the most efficient steamer on the market.

The Sterling Steamer recovers quickly. The conventional wisdom is that Energy Star steamers are slower than boiler based steamers. The truth is that boilerless Energy Star steamers cook at the same speed as boiler based steamers if the door is left shut during the cooking cycle.

The reason Energy Star rated steamers seem to cook slower is because they take much longer to recover after opening the door. The Sterling was engineered to recover quickly. The Sterling Steamer can keep up in high volume situations.

The Sterling Steamer is “bad-water proof”. There are no warranty exclusions for bad water. The boilerless design uses only a few gallons of water per day compared to 30 gallons per hour for a conventional boiler based steamer. At the end of the day when you drain the unit and wipe out the bottom of the chamber, it effectively delimes the steamer.

The Sterling Steamer is an ideal application for a restaurant or facility looking for a high production, reliable, affordable way to steam food. Don’t pay more for a slower, less efficient “name brand” steamer. Give us a call today at 844-437-6328.