Boilerless Steamer Facts

Over 90% of the Manual Fill units in the field have never required a service call.

The Sterling Steamer is the fastest ENERGY STAR® steameavailable. The Sterling Steamer cooked 6 pans of new potatoes in just under 21 minutes. Faster than other steamers took to cook 3 and 5 pans of potatoes.

The Sterling Steamer is the most efficient ENERGY STAR® steamer ever tested by the FSTC. At 79.2% efficiency. We have the most efficient steamer on the market!

The Sterling Steamer recovers quickly. The Sterling Steamer recovers 2 to 4 times as fast as the other boilerless steamers. With the Sterling Steamer you get the speed and performance of an expensive boiler less unit with the energy efficiency and reliability of a boiler less steamer.

The Sterling Steamer is “bad-water proof”. There are no warranty exclusions for bad water. The boilerless design uses only a few gallons of water per day compared to 30 gallons per hour for a conventional boiler based steamer. At the end of the day when you drain the unit and wipe out the bottom of the chamber, it effectively delimes the steamer.

The Sterling Steamer is an ideal application for a restaurant or facility looking for a high production, reliable, affordable way to steam food. Don’t pay more for a slower, less efficient “name brand” steamer. Give us a call today at 844-437-6328.

QCG Steamer Facts

The boilers/generators in a QCG can be changed out in less than 30 minutes for 1/5th of the cost of other steamers.

The QCG steamers recover instantly and have very high production rates. An ideal fit for high volume kitchens.

The QCG steamers use less than 3 gallons of water per compartment per hour, the same amount of water usage as boilerless steamers.

The QCG Energy Star steamers save of as much as $4000 a year per compartment in utility costs vs conventional cabinet based steamers.

The QCG steamers be descaled weekly without compromising the generator walls.

The QCG steamers have an internal water filtration system included.