Sterling Steamers vs. Other Electric ENERGRY STAR ® Steamers

Test Data Summary

The test results show that the Sterling Steamer takes first place in all three categories Cooking Speed, Efficiency and Production Rate beating out all other steamers including the Vulcan Steamer, Intek Xtreme Steamer, Market Forge Steamer, AccuTemp Evolution Steamer, Cleveland Steamer and Groen Vortex Steamer.

The test data used in the graphs below was provided by independent third party testing laboratories and is a requirement of ENERGY STAR ® to prove efficiencies worthy of certification. The steamers are loaded to capacity with red potatoes and cooked in perforated pans until done. The cook time and energy usage is then recorded. This data is available to the public at

What the test results do not show is the amount of time it takes for the steamer to recover when opening and shutting the door during the cook cycle. The Sterling Steamer recovers much quicker than the other ENERGY STAR ® certified steamers which is noticeable in real-world situations

With the Sterling Steamer, you truly get the best of both worlds, an ultra-efficient, low maintenance steamer with the recovery and production of a conventional boiler based steamer.

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Performance Graph of Sterling Steamer
FULL LOAD RED POTATO TESTS – ASTM 1484-99, -05, -12 
As Tested By: Food Service Technology Center(FSTC), Southern California Edison(SCE) or Southern California Gas Co.(FSTL)
*Indicates Batch Mode
¹ Sterling Steamer FSTC 501311499-R0, ² Vulcan Steamer FSTC 501311461-RO, ³ Intek Xtreme Steamer FSTC 5011.04.10, ⁴ Market Forge STP-6E Steamer FSTC 5011.01.05, ⁵ AccuTemp Evolution Steamer FSTC 501310040, ⁶ Vulcan VPX6 Steamer FSTC 5011.01.02, ⁷ Market Forge ET-5E Steamer FSTC 5011.01.98, ⁸ Vulcan Steamer SCE ASTMF 1484-12 4/18/11, ⁹ Cleveland Cub Steamer FSTC 5012.09.45, ¹⁰ Groen Vortex Steamer FSTC 501310069, ¹¹ Cleveland Steamer SCE ASTMF 1484-05 6/13/11