Why Buy Sterling steamers

Boilerless Advantages

  1. Energy Star test prove that the Sterling boilerless steamers are the fastest and most efficient Energy Star qualified steamers available. Winner of the 2023 Blue Flame product of the year award.
  2. The Sterling boilerless steamers recover 3 times as fast as the other boilerless steamers in the market. Which makes them much easier to use in high volume ala carte situations.

QCG Cabinet Based Advantages

  1. QCG Steamers have very fast cook times, much faster than boilerless steamers.
  2. QCG steamers use superheated steam from the generators allowing for instant heat recovery when the door is opened and shut during cooking.
  3. The steam generators are designed for easy access and easy service. The generators can be removed and replaced in about 30 minutes.
  4. The generators can be descaled weekly if required.
  5. The water filtration system is included with the steamer at no extra charge and no installation is required.
  6. The QCG Energy Star units use less than 3 gallons of water per compartment per hour. Less water than many boilerless steamers.


All Sterling Steamers include free lifetime service support.