Why Buy From Us?

Lon and I have been living and breathing boilerless steamers for the past 30 years. We both started out with Accutemp at its inception in the early 90’s. My dad, Gene Tippmann, invented the Steam ‘n’ Hold steamer in 1989. In 2003 he sold out of Accutemp and Lon and I decided to start Intek  Manufacturing. It is what we have been doing for 30 years now. We manufacture and sell steamers with a constant eye for improvement specifically in cooking speed and efficiency. But there has always been a hurdle with boilerless steamers and that is the recovery time.

It is commonly accepted that boilerless steamers are more reliable and efficient than conventional steamers but they are not recommended for higher volume operations that constantly open and shut the door while cooking. At Sterling we decided to address the recovery time issue. To make a long story short we have figured out how to make a boilerless steamer that recovers 3 times faster than typical boilerless steamers. With a 6 pan potato cook time of 21 minutes and 79% efficiency the Sterling is the fastest and most efficient Energy Star steamer tested. When you factor in the quicker recovery time you get a steamer that can really add production capacity to your kitchen.