Why Purchase a Boilerless Restaurant Steamer?

There are many options and features when it comes to purchasing a steam oven for your restaurant.  One of the factors that many restaurants owners find to be a great value is using a steamer that is boilerless.

What does Boilerless Mean?

Boilerless steamers have an open reservoir of water that heats your food, rather than an attached boiler that uses water and drain lines. These steamers generate their own steam, nullifying the need for an additional steam generator.

Boilerless Steamer Benefits

Boilerless steamers have the additional benefit of being easy to clean and maintain.  Models like Sterling Steamers tout a “bad-water proof” design, meaning there are no warranty exclusions for bad water.  At the end of the day when you drain the unit and wipe out the bottom of the chamber, it effectively delimes the steamer.

There is also a great cost savings  benefit with boilerless designs because less water is used.  Sterling’s boilerless steamers use only a few gallons of water per day compared to 30 gallons per hour for a conventional boiler based steamer. 

Whether it is seafood preparation minute by minute, or a myriad of menu items throughout the dinner rush hour, boilerless steamers offer costs and time savings while being the ideal application for a restaurant or facility that is looking for a high production, reliable, and affordable way to steam food.