Why Choose Sterling

For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Why Choose Sterling Steamers for Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen?

Sterling Steamers offer restaurant owners, commercial foodservice operators and chefs unparalleled advantages. Compared to other commercial steamers on the market, you’ll find that the Sterling Steamer gives you:

  • High Quality:
    Sterling Steamers are made in the U.S.A. and constructed of the highest quality materials and components.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    With boiler-based steamers ongoing maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. 90% of Sterling Steamers have never had a service call.
  • Fast Cook Times:
    Our steamer cooks fast! The Sterling Steamer boilerless system is also easier and faster to operate. It saves time in the kitchen, so your restaurant or commercial kitchen staff can focus on the food.
  • Long Lasting:
    Sterling Steamers are built to last. Our boilerless design helps our steamers last longer, so you get the most out of your capital investment.
  • Energy Efficient:
    We are ENERGY STAR ® rated, and in ENERGY STAR ® tests, the Sterling Steamer was the fastest and most efficient steamer tested. Click here for the test results
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The Mechanics of Faster Cook Times

We designed Sterling Steamers to recover from door opening like a boiler-based steam system, so your food gets out fast! Other boilerless steamers take a long time to recover when you open the door, and this can slow down service.

With Sterling Steamers, you get the performance of a boiler-based steamer with the low maintenance and long life of a boilerless system.

Over 3,500 Satisfied Restaurant and Commercial Foodservice Customers

We have over 3,500 satisfied restaurant and commercial kitchen customers and many of them are repeat clients. When our restaurant and commercial foodservice customers open new locations, their chefs ask for Sterling Steamers by name.